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These are certainly unprecedented times. Many of us are spending a lot more time at home than we normally would be, and I thought you may enjoy something to do with some of that time. Here is free download of one of my designs titled Four Friends to stitch away the hours. I hope you and your loved ones all stay well. If you are having trouble saving the file, hover over "free download" right click and select 'save link as ...'

Thanks for stopping in! Here you will find innovative needlework designs created by Kurdy Biggs for stitchers working with counted canvas. My designs are inspired by my love of unique stitches, threads, color and beading, with an emphasis on learning new stitches and creating unique projects. I have been stitching for nearly forty years and have progressed through counted cross-stitch, embroidery and have settled on counted (canvas) needlework because of the large variety of results I can achieve. After years of stitching other designer's patterns, I've virtually run out of patterns that intrigue me! So I have set off to create designs for myself and others.  Browse through my designs for yourself and see what I have been up to, and what you could be stitching on in the near future!

Each printed design includes all the color ways I have stitched for the design (canvas, threads and beads). My printed designs are full color to assist the stitcher in distinguishing the different threads in the patterns. In my patterns I have incorporated everything I have found helpful and tried to fix everything that frustrated me in the designs I previously stitched. I welcome your feedback in ways to make my designs easier to follow. I want you to be successful! I have included any errata to the printed design (e.g. substitute threads) in the page associated with that design and color way. To that end, I have written up some hints that have improved my stitching results.

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If you have questions about my designs, suggestions or represent a distributor or store looking to purchase my designs, please contact me at: sales@threedles.com.  I am looking forward to hosting a page of your completed versions of my designs. If you would like yours included please email me a .jpg and contact information at the email address above.

Here are some wonderful comments people have made about my designs.

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Are you interested in seeing what designs I have prepared courses for, when and where I am teaching them, or are you interested in arranging for a class to be taught to your group or region? See my Teaching Schedule for more information.