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Here are diagrams and a link to a video for a subset of the stitches that are contained in Threedles designs. The video describes in detail how to do the stitch.   I suggest you bring up the stitch diagram on your computer and print a copy of it, and then watch the video on your phone or computer while you follow along.

Important note: This seems to trip up a lot of stitchers. If you see two adjacent numbers in a diagram and there is no stitch in one of the numbered canvas holes, this means two stitches go into the same hole in the canvas; typically the lower numbered hole. In the Rounded Jessica Stitch below, stitch 29 and 16 both go into the #16 hole. The same is true for stitch 32 and 10; both go in the #10 hole.

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Quick Links to Stitches:

Angled Crescent
Bracket Crescents

Golden Box finishing
Medium Swirl
Diagonally Padded Mistake & Walneto Stitch
Rounded Jessica
Slanted Jessica
Small Swirl
Teardrop Jessica
Vertical And Diagonal - Overlapping (two toned) Sprats Head
Wrapped Eyelet

Rounded Jessica - video link

Rounded Jessica

Bracket Crescents - video link

Bracket Crescents

Angled Crescent - video link

Angled Crescent

Slanted Jessica - video link

Slanted Jessica

Swirls - Medium swirl video link - Small swirl  video link

In this stitch note that there are multiple 1-2, 3-4, etcetera stitches. This is meant to convey multiple consecutive stitches go through the same even numbered hole without trying to show multiple numbers beside the even numbered hole (the diagram would get too busy and cluttered).


Diagonally Padded Mistake & Walneto Stitch - video link


Wrapped Eyelet - video link

In this stitch note there is no 4, 6, 8 nor 10 stitch. They all go in the #2 hole.

Wrapped Eyelet

Beading - video link


Vertical and Diagonal - Overlapping (two toned) Sprats Head - video link

Overlapping Sprats Head

Teardrop Jessica - video link

Teardrop Jessica

There are more videos available on my Stitch Demo Videos page.