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Pangea - Bag and Wallet

Numerous people have shown interest in a bag and wallet that I had made from the Autumn Leaves Design and have had on display at a number of trade events. Here are images of both of them which were done by a stitching friend Sue Holley of  (Holly's Heirloom) (holleysm1524 @ yahoo.com)
Pangea - Bag Front
Bag Front

Pangea - Bag Back
Bag Back
Note how she replicated the pattern in fabric!.

Pangea - Bag Back
Bag Back with Handle

Pangea -Wallet Front
Pangea -Wallet Back
Stitcher's Wallet Front

Stitcher's Wallet Back

Pangea -Wallet Page 2
Stitcher's Wallet Page 2

Pangea -Wallet Page 3
Stitcher's Wallet Page 3

Pangea -Wallet Page 4
Stitcher's Wallet Page 4

Pangea -Wallet Page 5
Stitcher's Wallet Page 5

Pangea -Wallet Page 6
Stitcher's Wallet Page 6