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Pangea - February 2013

Pangea is named after the  seven central squares in the design. Pangea (a supercontinent from about 250 million years ago) broke up into various pieces becoming the continents we know today. The boundary and angular lines help one think about that process.

This design started as a smaller project, but since I was traveling when I started it, and made so much progress on the outline borders, I kept expanding the project because I could foresee being done before I returned home to get more canvas!

Note that the seven center squares can be moved around or can be duplicated to achieve your desired effect. You can also eliminate one or both of the internal large squares reducing the project's size and reducing the number of central small squares.

Here is a link to a Bag and Stitcher's Wallet I had made from a version of Autumn Leaves.

14" x 6" on 18 point canvas.

Pangea - One
Pangea - Two
Autumn Leaves
Desert Twilight
Pangea - Three
Tranquil Seas