2013 Designs

Pangea - February 2013

Pangea - AutumnLeaves
Pangea- DesertTwilight
Pangea - Tranquil Seas
Autumn Leaves
Desert Twilight
Tranquil Seas

Hexefoos - February 2013

This design is an outcome of playing with a Mobius strip one day, and ultimately seeing it in a staircase like pattern like in some Escher image. With that as a building block the design is somewhat similar to A Different View because of the eight squares that hold distinct designs for the stitcher to place. Hexefoos are part of Pennsylvania rural art, decorating barns though out the areas we visited when we traveled through the country on various trips with our children.

Hexefoos - Bird in Hand
Hexefoos - Strausburg
Bird in Hand
Hexefoos - Ephrata


Triple Crown - August 2013

Triple Crown - The Preakness
Triple Crown - The Belmont
Triple Crown - Kentucky Derby
The Preakness
The Belmont
Kentucky Derby