2012 Designs

In 2012 I concentrated on starting to earn my NAN teaching certificate. As a result I produced relatively few designs. With Sands of Time I experimented with other shapes, and with the Christmas ornament for the year, instead of a flat ornament, I went for a three dimentional cube. Butterfly was another design created with the intention to grow away from rectangles and circles;  I found it very enjoyable to design and stitch. Log Cabin Fan was designed as a requirement for my teaching certificate.

Christmas 2012 Ornaments

Christmas 2012 - Rose and White
Christmas 2012 - Gold and White
Christmas 2012 - Silver and Blue
White on Rose
Gold on Sandstone
BlueGreen on White


Sands of Time - mid April 2012

This design is inspired by the Mayan calendar and a recent trip through the South Western US, along with a desire to break even further out of the box than I have in the past.

Finished piece is 14" x 10.5".

Calypso Sands took me 22 days to stitch, start to finish... nothing like having a deadline to motivate you!  Mayan Sands is the only 'real' mat, the rest are photoshop and visio mockups.

Sands Of Time - Mayan
Sands Of Time - Kolam
Mayan Sands
Kolam Sands
Sands Of Time - Calypso
Calypso Sands


Mariposa - Fall 2012

My husband loves butterflies. He has often tried to bait me into stitching one ... This one is about 11" x 11"  .

Butterfly - Blue on Tan
Butterfly - Black
Butter Cream
Butterfly - Rose Blush


Log Cabin Fan - Fall 2012

I am working on this as part of another larger project. It is much more traditional than my other work. It is designed to help begining stitchers learn various straight stitches, and the resulting pattern can be worked into a hand fan or attached to some other item, or be finished and framed by itself, or finished out into a square.

Log Cabin Fan - Marseille
Log Cabin Fan - Andalusia
Log Cabin Fan - Tuscany