My first group of designs have been available since the fall of 2010. Looking Glass was my second commercial attempt which has won in shows it was entered in and got an honorable mention at Woodlawn. Seasonal Rays is a smaller design that is more traditional in its layout. I have also created a few Holiday Ornaments to assist in introductory counted canvas classes I teach.


Looking Glass - September 2010

This design is inspired by an image from our oil-filled kaleidoscope collection. I wanted it to be interesting to work, and to leave you with a piece of art when you were finished. I have stitched the design in three different color ways, and I find the black to be the most striking. It has been very well received (the Black color way got an honorable mention at Woodlawn in 2011)! The finished work is approximately 12"x12" on 18 point mono canvas. Of course it is possible to stop at a number of intermediate points in the design and have a smaller finished piece.

Cat's Eyes - Gaea's Eyes
Cat's Eyes - Venus's Eyes
Looking Glass - Yellow

Seasonal Rays - September 2010

Ever want a design that you can stitch for each season? Well here you go; stitch one season or all four. The finished design is shown in all four seasons. As with all my designs, a complete fiber list for each season is included with printed design. To keep it entertaining, this design incorporates a variety of different stitches and fibers. Finished size is 6½" x 6½" on 18 mono canvas.
Seasonal Rays - Spring
Seasonal Rays - Summer
Seasonal Rays - Fall
Seasonal Rays - Winter


Holiday Ornaments - September 2010

I have designed a couple of Holiday Ornaments for some classes I have taught to introduce people to counted canvas designs. These are fairly small (~4"x7") simple projects for the novice stitcher.

Holiday Ornament - 12 Point Star
Holiday Ornament - 8 Point Star
12 Point Star
8 Point Star